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Into the wide blue yonder

How many soil do we need for a plant to bloom?
Not even a handful.
I have witnessed a plant blossoming beautifully with a red flower from the remains of the soil present in the tiny conclave of a snail’s shell on a tree branch.

Welcome to Thumbigal

The universe is always conspiring to give life to and nurture small and simple things. Chicks, cubs and children; these are what the earth believes in. That is why, it keeps giving life to them constantly again and again. The life’s biggest cycle thus begins from this purest state of form. The honesty and truth behind every creation is thus fulfilled from here.

Thumbi children’s monthly magazine is a small aspiration to bring children closer to nature which continuously fills up our surroundings, to love filled human beings; to introduce them to stories filled with dreams, to boundless imaginations and to fascinating paintings inside their hearts.